Torsen Diff,8.8,31T
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Tech notes

  • 8.8" differential
  • Fits 31 spline axles
  • Torsen T-2 type differential
  • Features full time torque-sensing, torque-biasing
  • Fits solid axle and 2000-2004 Cobra IRS with 31 spline
  • M-4204-T28 fits solid axle and 1999 Cobra/Thunderbird/Mark VII with IRS (2000-04 Cobra has 31 spline)

    M-4204-F318C(2)(3)(6)8.8"31 splineTraction-Lok
    M-4204-A28(2)(3)(5)8.8"28 splineAuburn HD
    M-4204-T28(4)8.8"28 splineT2 Torsen Differential
    M-4204-F31A(3)9"31 splineTraction-Lok
    M-4204-F28A(3)9"28 splineTraction-Lok

(1)Off-road use only!
(2)Will accept anti-lock exciter ring.
(3)Requires 4-ounces of CM-19546-A1 friction modifier with initial fill.
(4)M-4204-T28 fits solid axle and 1999 Cobra/Thunderbird/Mark VIII with IRS (2001-04 Cobra has 31 spline).
(5)Recommended for street use only.
(6)Fits 2003-04 Cobra.


  • Item #: M-4204-T31
  • Manufacturer: Ford Racing Parts
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: M-4204-T31

Torsen Diff,8.8,31T

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