4.6L 2V Cam Drive Kit
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tech notes

Camshaft drive kit for the 4.6L 2 valve aluminum or cast iron block

  • Fits 2001 and newer 4.6L 2V engines
  • Will fit earlier 2V engines (1991-2000), requires RH chain guide dowel pin hole to be drilled and tapped for a reducing thread insert with 6M X 1.00 internal threads

Kit includes new production:

  • Tensioner arms
  • Chain guides
  • Cover gaskets and front seal
  • Primary timing chains
  • Chain tensioners
  • Camshaft sprockets, spacers, bolts and washers 
  • Crankshaft sprocket
  • Crank position trigger wheel
  • Includes fasteners
  • Item #: M-6004-462V
  • Manufacturer: Ford Racing Parts
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: M-6004-462V

4.6L 2V Cam Drive Kit

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